Marketing Fuel: Care & Feeding For Your Marketing Team

Marketing FuelWhat are your marketers doing this week while the sales team is at their annual meeting? Probably pleading to bring a pizza into their staff meeting. We know because we’ve been there.

Isn’t it time for you to invest in developing your marketing team, too?

An article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal notes with irony that companies continue to recruit new hires even as they lay people off. Why? Because companies fail to “groom and train” existing employees. While the article was not about a specific industry, we note that the shortfall in professional development didn’t miss financial services, especially marketing.

Interestingly, for all the sales training out there, we’ve struggled to find something on par for marketers. Most of what we’ve sampled comes from universities and trade organizations, and while intellectually stimulating, most of it fails to connect with the realities and rules that guide financial services.

When we couldn’t find something that accomplished what we were looking for, we developed our own. We call it Marketing Fuel™. Marketing Fuel™ is an interactive training session designed for marketers of all skill levels with the goal of improving strategic marketing competency while giving your team a much needed jolt of energy! Think marketing guru Phil Kotler meets Red Bull™!

“This was truly the best workshop I’ve experienced for building the capabilities of a marketing unit. Our marketing team walked away with practical tools for getting at the heart of a project and leading the marketing efforts of a company.”

Vice President, Corporate Marketing, LPL Financial Services

Marketing Fuel™ makes sense because:

  • We hold the training at your site (or nearby). By eliminating travel, more marketers can take part.
  • It’s led by experienced marketing practitioners and former CMOs each averaging 25+ years of experience! They’ve been there.
  • It’s turnkey and a great way to build teamwork.
  • It’s customizable to your firm’s needs.
  • Our online Fuel Gauge Assessment not only identifies skills shortcomings, but provides benchmarks for success measurement. For a more personal experience, we also provide a mentoring program, providing guidance, support and marketing development.

“The combination of knowledge and advice that my department took away from the session was beyond anything I could have hoped for. They were so excited about the processes they’d learned that they couldn’t wait to apply them—and they already have some wins."

Executive Vice President, Marketing, LPL Financial Services

Quench your team’s thirst for marketing knowledge. Call us to get your team Marketing Fuel-ed!