The World Has Changed, Part 1

The World Has Changed, Part 1

The financial markets crisis calls for critical changes to be made in how investment products are marketed. We believe this environment offers an unprecedented opportunity for firms to distinguish themselves from the competition.

We published The World Has Changed, Part 1, a white paper detailing 5 recommendations for how marketing organizations should respond to today's challenges and lead their firms onward. In the white paper we elaborate on the following:

1. The market's seismic volatility and rapid rate of change demands substantive improvement in marketing communication and response. In targeting financial advisors, this means adopting a "newsroom" approach to content development and delivery.

2. Investment managers need to take back the responsibility of communicating with the people whose money they invest. Having stepped back to avoid interfering with the financial advisor/client relationship, investment companies now must use frequency, education and transparency to re-open the dialogue.

3. Rework print and online messages, including imagery, to represent the empathy that today's markets call for. 

4. Among the casualties of the market decline is the traditional distribution channel approach to marketing investment products. How financial advisors conduct their business will be emphasized, not the brand of the brokerage they work for or clear through. Organizing for this will require planning and infrastructureled by Marketingto enable and support advisor segmentation.

5. Government actions seen as favoring the larger institutions and big financial brands will likely drive investors to these better known entities. For the marketer at a large firm, reflecting on the brand promise and measuring your delivery against that promise is essential to long-term success. Many smaller firms will prevail, but the ability to establish a competitive benefit through your brand will determine your firm's long-term survival.

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